Monday, June 17, 2013

Father's Day Blessings

Marriage is hard. Anyone who says different is being untruthful. Marriages takes two people from two different worlds coming together. We are made to merge and meld our life with another person. Two flames becoming one. It can be hard.

In Power of a Praying Wife, author Stormie Omatian shares a story. She tells that she did not want to marry someone with an interest in sports.  To continue reading, please join me at Woman to Woman for Marriage Monday.

1114. Dinner time conversations and laughter.

1115. The sound of my kids laughter.

1116. Father's Day.

1117. My incredible and wonderful Dad.

1118. The support and love my Dad has always given me.

1119. The amazing grandfather he is to my kids.

1120. My wonderful Papa.

1121. His contagious laughter.

1122. My amazing husband, he is such a wonderful Daddy to our kids.

1123. The way he laughs and plays with our kids.

1124. Time spent with good friends.

1125. Bible study with ladies at church. Oh, how I have missed meeting with these precious ladies!

1126. Tears as I worship.

1127. God drawing me to His heart.

1128. My Daddy God.

What are you praising God for?  Share five things in the comments below.

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