Monday, June 3, 2013

Good Friends & Many Laughs

The past is something that can hold a grip on us. That past can be how we were treated by someone, someone in our lives who left us, a mistake we made, or how our lives were growing up. Anything that had a negative effect on us.

Sometimes past memories and feelings can hold us in a crippling bondage. It can effect how we live our lives now. If your husband had a hard childhood or dealt with struggles in his life that are effecting his life now, you have the power to pray over it and change it.

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Continuing to count blessings...

1095. One of my best and dearest friends coming in town for the weekend.

1096. Many laughs with good friends.

1097. Watching all of our kids play at the science playground.

1098. Watching a friend race his hand cycle and win all of his races.

1099. Safely for our road trip.

1100. Reading God's Word as my hubby drives.  I normally get very carsick if I read in the car, but this time I could read my Bible and didn't get sick!

1101. Dinner with my parents.

1102. Sunday lunch with family.

1103. Relaxing dinner and fellowship with our friends at home.

1104. God beautiful love and grace that He gives me each day.  Where would I be without it?

I love hearing how God is blessing you.  Share five things in the comments below.

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  1. 1,We made it through the storms, living in tornado alley.
    2. Today I was able to obtain dental insurance for my sons an I through my work.
    3. God continues to keep us sheltered from an abuser who caused us to flee two years ago.
    4. This month I begin teaching in Children's church.
    5. We are debt free and are blessed to share with others.


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