Friday, July 26, 2013

Sisterhood {GIVEAWAY}

Have you seen the  magazines geared to our precious daughters lately? They are filled with absolute junk! Colorful pages of beautiful girls they should look like and boys they should crush on. Pages filled with reasons why we need to look this way, be that thin, like this boy, like that band, and try this product. And it leaves you to believe if you don't, they you don't measure up. It is overwhelming, confusing and disheartening to our girls.

Who doesn't love a good magazine? I know I do! I love clean, wholesome mags that inspire me, show me modest fashion and leave me feeling encouraged.

It is time for some clean encouragement for our girls too!

In our home, we love Sisterhood Magazine! Sisterhood is filled with great articles for teen girls. From encouragement in their walk with God, advice on relationships, fashion tips and even cute and easy DIY projects for teens! Sisterhood is the perfect magazine for our teen girls. Just take a look a few of the fabulous articles in the July/August issue:
  • Shapin' Up: Take it outside
  • Ask the Doctor: Here's help for cramps and acne
  • Now I Lay Me Down to Zzzzz: Two ways not to fall asleep during prayer
  • Father's Love Letter: An intimate message from God to you
  • Secret Prayer Power: Power walk your way to new intimacy with God and
  • Brittany's Kitchen: You can make these easy apple dumplins
And have I mentioned that this issue features Skillet!? Skillet is my daughter's favorite obsession band. I think my friend half way across the country heard her screams of utter joy when she saw Skillet on the cover! They have also featured greats like Jamie Grace, Gabrielle Douglas, and Britt Nichol, just to name a few! So not only our girls getting so encouragement and fashion advice but they can keep up with their favorite Christian celebs!


Not only is Sisterhood a great magazine, but it is a great online tool for where moms can go to get great discussion tips about the Sisterhood articles and girls can go for great blog posts and to connect with other teen girls. Sisterhood Magazine is definitely a great sisterhood for teen girls! To check out Sisterhoodand order your daughter's one  year subscription, click HERE.

Now time for a giveaway! Sisterhood is offering 2 FREE one year subscription to two of our blessed readers.  To enter, simply click the link below then complete each task in the rafflecopter below!

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