Monday, July 29, 2013

Touched By Their Thoughtfulness

Have you ever been in a place where you feel your walk with God is deepening and becoming more passionate, yet your husband is perfectly content in his walk and doesn't seem interested in growing? Many of us have probably experienced this. It can be disheartening. We want to be on the same deep level spiritually with our mate, yet they are happy to not grow.

During these times, have you felt like you could just shake him? Like you need to tell him that he needs to get it together and get closer to God? Yes, that's what we want to do. But that leads neither of us anywhere. Instead, if we silently go to God, God will draw your husband closer to Him.

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Counting God's blessings...
1168. Wonderful family and friends who continually pray for me and check on me.

1169. My sweet daughter telling me that she is praying for me.

1170. The concern my son had for me when I got hurt.

1171. Seeing a post by a friend on Facebook at just the right moment when I needed encouragement.

1172. The way my nephew plays with his curls, then reached up to play with mine.

1173. Making play-dough creations with the preschoolers at church.

1174. My daughter's ability to capture God's beautiful creation through a camera lens.

1175. The way my son's voice is beginning to change. They grow up so fast.

1176. The way my husband tells me everything will be okay.

I would love to rejoice with you. What are you praising God for this week? Comment below with your own thanksgiving list.

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