Monday, August 12, 2013

Puzzles and Prayers

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When I hear the word faith, I often think of the old song we sang in Sunday School.

Faith, faith, faith,
Just a little bit of faith.
It don't take a lot,
just use what you got.
Faith, faith, faith,
Just a little bit of faith.

To continue reading, please join me at Woman to Woman Ministries as we learn to pray for our husband's faith.

Continuing to count my blessings...

1189. Children laying down reading books in the afternoon.

1190. Husband lying on the couch listening to the Bible via YouVersion.

1191. Improvements in my health.

1192. Continued prayers from family and friends.

1193. Nights of no tv or electronics as we work on a puzzle as a family.

1194. Card games played with my children.

1195. Giggles erupting from them.

1196. A good score for my daughter in her photography contest. I am so proud of her.

1197. My daughter and mother having a safe time away.

1198. A safe trip and having them home again.

1199. Having all of my kids under one roof again.
Sarah, Jen, Me

1200. Breakfast with beautiful sisters in Christ and fellow bloggers, Jen and Sarah.

1201. What I learned on the day I forgot God.

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  1. Wonderful to see you again, Jenifer. My husband really loves doing jigsaws too. When one of my grandsons comes over, he and papa always work on a puzzle together. Blessings, Amy


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