Tuesday, September 3, 2013

More Thankfulness....

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Teen years.

They are difficult. They are awkward. They are emotional.

During these years it is so important to keep the lines of communication with our daughter open. However, it is not always easy. Here are a few tips to help:
  • Be available. Tell her with your words and your actions that you are here for her.
  • Listen. Really listen to what she says. Don't interrupt her, let her speak as you simply listen.
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Continuing to count my blessings...

1218. My Mamaw. She is celebrating her birthday today. I am so thankful for this wonderful woman and the close relationship we have.

1219. A night away with my husband to celebrate our anniversary.

1220. Morning devotions with the kids before school.

1221. My best friend giving me a 'code word' to text to her when I need prayers through a rough school day. {Yes, sometimes we have rough school days.}

1222. An extra day off of work and school.

1223. Playing at the park, it was such a beautiful day.

1224. Time spent offline this weekend.

1225. Finishing a good book.

What are you praising God for this week? Please comment below and share. I would love to rejoice with you!

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