Monday, October 7, 2013

Kid's Convention and Birthday Celebrations

Social media, conversations with friends, sharing with your mother, these are all ways that we share our thoughts and feelings. We get them out in the open. 

How many times have you seen Facebook statuses like this:
Ugh! Wish my husband would help out around the house!
Be nice if my husband would get off the video game for five minutes and pay attention to his children.
Guess what stupid thing my husband did today? 
We've all seen updates like this time and time again. We've all heard others talking like this time and time again. We've all probably at some point even said or posted things like this. To continue reading, please join me at Woman to Woman Ministries.

Continuing to count my blessings...

1257. Attending a children's retreat with the awesome kids from my church.

1258. Watching kids raise their hands in praise to God.

1259. Wonderful, selfless volunteers traveling with us for the weekend and losing sleep just to help with the kids.

1260. Generous people in the church sponsoring kids to go to the retreat.

1261. Our children's ministry having a birthday celebration for our sponsored little girl. {sponsored through World Vision, pray about sponsoring a child in need please}

1262. An incredible service at church.

1263. Delicious lunch and incredible fellowship with friends.

What are you praising God for today? Please comment below so that I can rejoice with you!

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  1. I am a day late! But I am praising the Lord for medicine in the clinic to give to our patients. We have been out of everything for months. But a shipment just came in thanks to a generous donation from Canada! PTL!
    I am also very thankful for a young couple back home who have gone above and beyond to help us with some rental nightmares! PTL for good people!

    1. Never too late! :) Great praise report! God is SO good!


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