Thursday, October 3, 2013

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My children are my gifts from God. I call them my blessings from Heaven. But they are mine temporarily. God gave them to me for a season, then I must turn them loose in this world to go out and reach their world for Jesus.

If they are going reach their world for Jesus, I must begin now to teach them. The biggest way I can teach them is by example.

Little eyes and ears soak in everything happening around them. The
influence of a mother comes through the voices she allows to speak
into her home. What are your children soaking in from you and from
the music, television, or friends you choose to bring into your home?
We must be careful of what we let come into our home. My husband and I are very careful about what we let on our tv screen, computer screens and through our radios. We want our life and family to reflect God. We want our kids to learn from our example. If we don't watch it or listen to it, they will learn to not watch/listen to it.

My husband and a friend were talking once about what kind of movies and tv shows our children and their children are allowed to watch. His friend said that while he doesn't like some of their choices in movies and tv, he still let them watch it because 'if they want to see it, they will see whether I allow it or not.' The truth is, if we set a good example for our children, and if they know beyond a shadow of a doubt that we have high, Godly standards, they will learn from that and take it with them into their future. They may slip from time to time, but they will learn. We must be the example our children learn from.

I remember growing up my parents greatly encouraged only Christian music. There was occasions where we turned on some country music, but for the most part it was strictly Christian music. I remember crying and begging my parents for a country music cassette tape. Mom and Dad would go back and forth with the different reasons we should not listen to it, let alone own it. Now, I have those same convictions. While that particular download (my how times flies!) may not be bad -filled with curse words, cheating, s*xual situations, etc- does it glorify God? Is it going to point me to Him? The answer is no. And I don't want to do anything that does not bring glory to His name.

We are our children's first and most influential teachers. What are you pointing your kids to? Who are you pointing your kids to? Mama, they are watching you. Be the example.

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  1. Jenifer, I really loved your words today. They are so true! God help us to be the Godly mothers we need to be and keep our homes safe from the infiltration of evil. We are the "guards", and along with that responsibility comes the knowledge that we will one day give account to Almighty God for our stewardship. Thank you for being faithful to your post of duty, my friend. So happy to have "met" you. Love, Cheryl


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