Monday, November 4, 2013

Autumn Blessings & Worshiping Kids

My husband often tells me that I don't smile or laugh enough. Sadly, he is right. Laughter in a marriage is so important. They say laughter is the best medicine. Can it help a marriage too? Join me at Woman to Woman Ministries today as we talk about Laughing Together!

Counting my blessings...

1286. The sound of leaves rustling down the street.

1287. Autumn rain showers.

1288. The beautiful yellows and reds of changing leaves.

1289. My wonderful Dad who celebrated his birthday over the weekend. I was greatly blessed with an incredible father.

1290. My sister who celebrates her birthday today.

1291. An extra hour on a weekend so busy I needed it.

1292. An incredible three night kid's crusade where kids were meeting Jesus!

1293. Watching children raise their hands in praise to our God.

1294. An incredible praise report from a friend at church. She was told her newborn son may have cancer, spina bifida and be deaf. But then received a good report from the doctor.  Praise God!

1295. Seeing my son read his Bible first thing in the morning.

What can you praise God for today? He has greatly blessed you. If you are reading this, then you are alive and breathing, that is a praise! Comment below with at least five things God has blessed you with this week.

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  1. Stopped in from Ann's linkup today. Lovely gifts you've shared with us, and a lovely place to come to relax and refresh. Everything about your blog is welcoming. See you next time, I hope.


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