Thursday, December 12, 2013

A Letter To My Daughter...

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My kids are growing up before my very eyes. My oldest is quickly approaching her sweet sixteen. This brings tears of joy, sadness and nostalgia to my eyes. She is turning into such a beautiful young woman and I love watching her grow up.

But watching her grow up also means watching her develop into a woman and watching the opposite gender's response to her.

What do I want my daughter to learn during these years? Here is a letter to her...

To my sweet daughter,

You are beautiful exactly the way God made you. You don't need to change to the world's view of beauty. What you see on tv and in magazines, that is not real. God created you, knit you together while still in my womb. He made you exactly as He wanted you. And you are stunning.

Be who you are. Don't conform to the world. The world gives us ideas of what we should be, yet their ideas contradict each other. Be independent, be dependent. Be sporty, be girly. Don't worry about the world. 
Just be you.

Save your heart for your future husband. Every time you give your heart away, and the relationship doesn't work out, you lose a little bit of it. Save your heart so that one day you can give it fully to your husband.

Save your purity for your future husband. Oh daughter, this is one gift you can give your husband that special just for him. And prayerfully, he will be able to give you the same gift. Save your physical self for one, your husband. On the same token, save your intimate thoughts for him too. Once you take your vows, it will be a special thing to go to him physically and emotionally pure.

Pray for your future husband. There is much power in a praying wife. Begin now to pray for the man you will marry. Pray for his choices, his education, his health, his relationship with his family, and his walk with God.

Don't rush this time my precious girl. I know that you want to be married and have a family some day. That day will come, I promise. Don't rush it.

And lastly my daughter, dance with Jesus and He'll let the right man cut in when it's time. Focus on your relationship with Jesus. Be so lost in your Heavenly Father than any prospect for a husband will have to seek Him before he can pursue you.

God will bring the right man into your life when He is ready. Until then, dance with Jesus.



  1. What a beautiful letter, you have said it so perfect!!

    Blessings to you, Jenifer and love you.

  2. You made me cry! You spoke the heart of every mother whose beautiful daughter is growing up! :-)

  3. Beautiful. This is the 2nd time this week that I have come across a blog post about a letter. God is impressing on me how powerful our written affirmations are in the lives of our loved ones.

    So glad I was linked up after you at Shari's today! :)

    1. Lyli, thanks for stopping in. Yes our written affirmations are so important!

  4. This is beautiful - I'm going to share on my facebook wall!

  5. That is very sweet. Truer words were never spoken, I hope she is a wise girl and will listen to those who love her most.


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