Monday, February 3, 2014

Sweet 16

They say an elephant never forgets. So do some wives (and husbands, but my post is geared towards wives). Our mate messes up and we constantly bring up his mistakes. Join me at Woman to Woman Ministries as we talk about not being an elephant. Click here.

Continuing to count the ways God blesses me...

1401. My beautiful daughter who turned 16 this weekend. Where does the time go? I cannot believe my baby, my first born blessing from Heaven is already sweet 16.

1402. Watching my daughter and her friends ice skate.

1403. Hearing the cheers of football fans in my family. {and knowing this means the end of football, smiles}

1404. Hanging our laundry to dry when the dryer went out. I am thankful we have clothes to wear, water to wash them, and a place to line dry them.

1405. The reminder that our words have power.

What are you praising God for today?

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