Monday, April 21, 2014

Counting My Easter Blessings

Men aren't always as romantic as we may want them to be. And sometimes that can hurt our feelings or even offend us. Today at Woman to Woman we are talking about what to do When He Isn't Romantic. Join us!

Continuing to count my blessings...

1481. Resurrection Day: Easter.

1482. The beating and crucifixion my Jesus took for me.

1483. The resurrection! Jesus may have been crucified but He rose again and He's ALIVE!

1484. Ministering to a needy community through an outreach with my church.

1485. Seeing hundreds of people hear about Jesus through puppets, an object lesson, and Christains serving.

1486. Easter devotions and prayer with my husband and children.

1487. Easter service at church.

1488. Easter celebration and get together with my family. I love having the whole family together!

What are your Easter blessings? Share with us in the comments!

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