Friday, April 25, 2014

Young Women of Faith Bible & Jesus Bible

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Today I am excited to bring you two great Bibles for kids.

Young Women of Faith Bible is a beautiful Bible for young girls with it's bright colors and cute design. While we may think all Bibles are the same, that is not always true for kid's Bibles. Kid's Bibles come with fun features to attract kids to the Word of God. The Young Women of Faith Bible is designed to teach and encourage your kids to read.

My favorite thing about this Bible is the weekly Bible studies, memory verses and journal pages. How neat is that!? My daughter reads her Bible every single night and is now learning to journal. So this Bible is a great tool for her. Check out the Young Women of Faith Bible!

The Jesus Bible is a great Bible that shows that Jesus isn't just in found in the gospels of Matthew, Mark, Luke and John. No, the presence of Jesus is found in every single book of the Bible. This great Bible gives the family tree of Jesus, which is so fun to see. It also has all of Jesus' miracles listed.

My favorite thing about this Bible is the 365 devotions with a prayer at the end. What a great way to encourage our kids to have a daily devotion. Check out The Jesus Bible!

Zondervan provided me with free copies of these Bibles for my honest opinion.

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