Tuesday, June 3, 2014

I Need Some Help Here!

Motherhood is a truly beautiful thing. But let's be real, motherhood is also crazy hard. Yesterday my husband came home to find me in tears over the hard day we had. Attitudes were flaring, chores were still undone, finals with not so good grades were taken, and a mama losing her mind. Then when I noticed he was home, I broke down and cried even harder because I strive to have a calm, peaceful home when he walks in and yesterday our home was anything but.

I Need Some Help Here #needhelp #parenting #motherhoodWhen we are pregnant we picture how life with our little ones will be. We picture these perfect kids who excel in everything they put their hand to. We picture them having a great love and passion for the Lord. We picture them growing up and being successful. But raising kids doesn't always turn out how we planned.

I certainly didn't plan to have a child that would buck my authority at every turn. I didn't plan to still be walking my children through chores even into their teen years. Things don't go as planned, but that doesn't mean we are a bad parent and it doesn't mean we have bad kids.

In her new book I Need Some Help Here that releases today, author Kathi Lipp shares of a friend who once told her, "...I think as parents we take too much credit when things go right with our kids and too much blame when they go wrong." I couldn't agree more. When my kids do wrong, I wonder where I went wrong. When they do good, I am so proud thinking I finally did something right.

Kathi's book, I Need Some Help Here, is a resource every mother should read. Two pages in to the introduction and I was already in heavy tears.

With encouragement when your child is different, overwhelmed, troubled, makes poor choices and so much more, Kathi shares real life day to day stories from the 'trenches' of motherhood. With humor and heart she encourages and inspires. My favorite part of the book? The Scriptures and prayers Kathi offers. She has prayers you can say for your child and prayers to say for you.

We all struggle. We all have hard days. We all have bad mom moments. You are not alone.

I will be sharing more from I Need Some Help Here later this week.

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  1. Thank you, Jenifer! It really is helpful to know that we are not alone. While there are some days I wouldn't wish on my enemies, I'm so grateful to know that other have walked through this before; and others will walk it after I'm gone.


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