Tuesday, September 2, 2014

God Is Always Good

In this world we face sorrow, disappointment and pain. Someone we love lets us down. Finances become a struggle. Health is an issue. Something doesn't come as easy to us as we want. The list can go on and on.

Yet, through everything we face, the Lord is good.

Our Father is always good and always there. He sees our hurt and desires that we turn to Him. Sometimes He will fix our pain instantly, sometimes He wants us to learn and grow as we simply lean on Him.

The Lord is good. We can praise Him through it all because He is good.

Our children face hard times too. Maybe they were looking forward to a playdate with a friend and it was cancelled. A pet passes away. Maybe a grandparent moves away. Or maybe they see something scary. We need to teach our children that the Lord is good no matter what and that they can always turn to Him.

God Is Always Good is an adorable book that teaches kids that God is always good, no matter what they face. This book shows our kids Scriptures that teach us God is there.

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