Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Bottled Tears

I know when my kids hurt. I see the pain on their face, the change in their emotions, and the falling tears. When they hurt, I hurt. I want so badly to help my precious babies. Sometimes I can soothe the pain away with a hug, sometimes a bandage, sometimes a long talk, and yet sometimes I can't do anything at all. I hear their hurt. I see their pain. I hold them close. But sometimes, I just can't help.

Just the same, our Father in Heaven knows when we hurt. He sees the pain on our face, notices the change in our emotions, and sees our tears fall. The difference is, God can give us what is needed. He may not choose to make the situation better instantly. But He can hold us, giving us peace that passes all understanding.

You number my wanderings;
put my tears in a bottle;
are they not in Your book?
Psalm 56:8

The Bible tells us that our Father bottles our tears. Not only does He know when we cry, He catches our tears. I just imagine this big, because I cry a lot, bottle sitting next to His throne and God pulling it out and catching my tears as they slide down my cheeks. I love the thought that He loves me so much, He bottles my tears.

No matter what you are facing, cry out to the Father. Lay your head on His chest and let Him catch your tears. Your situation may not instantly improve, but you can rest assured that God knows the need and that He is working on your behalf.

Cry out to God.

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  1. Jennifer, this was beautiful imagery. God catching our tears and comforting us. Oh, how many times have I cried out to Him. It's good to remember my tears are precious to Him.


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