Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Foundation For Life

As Christians, prayer is the foundation for our life. And as parents, it is important that help our children lay that strong foundation early on. They need to know that even though they are young, they can still go to God. They also need to know what prayer really is, talking to a Friend.

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Max and Denalyn Lucado have a new book, Treasury of Bedtime Prayers, for children that is the perfect way to teach children how to pray and what to pray about. This collection of 200 prayers is a great way to end the day as a family. Snuggle up on the couch, talk about your day, and say a prayer.
Good Night, Jesus
Jesus, You are here!Jesus, You are strong.Jesus, You will keep me safeThis whole night long.
Jesus, You are good.Jesus, You are right.Jesus, You will hold me closeAll throughout the night.
Jesus, in my room.Jesus, by my bed.Jesus, watching over me,From my toes up to my head.
Good night, Jesus!
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  1. I hope she remembers me praying for her to a strong faith in Jesus Christ as her Savior!


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