Tuesday, January 6, 2015

Jesus Is ________

Jesus is ________.

How would you finish that sentence?

He is good? He is there? He is friend? What would you say?

In Bible college, one of my favorite things to study was the Life of Christ. I loved learning about our Father. I still love studying who Jesus is. It helps to understand Him and how we are to live.

Author and pastor, Judah Smith, has a new book called, Jesus Is ______. The student edition is incredible! I cannot wait to get the adult version. Smith tells us that "discovering who He is changes who you are."

Review of the new book Jesus is _____. #Jesusis

With enthusiasm and humor, Smith shows youth that Jesus is our friend, life and grace. Each chapter has Scripture and discussion questions. Jesus Is ______ is a great book for individual reading or a group study and it helps teens to see the importance and rewards of having a personal relationship with Jesus.

Check out the trailer...

To win a copy of Jesus Is ______ the student edition, complete each task in the rafflecopter below.


  1. When I ask my boys (21-just happens to have DS, 14 & 12) who Jesus is they answer with (in the same order): God, Savior, Lord & Savior/God's own Son.

    1. Praise God that they know He is our Savior and Lord! Thanks for stopping in Cari!


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