Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Jesus Sees Us {giveaway}

By the time a child turns 3, he or she already has the capability to relate to Jesus. Children can understand that Jesus was a baby with parents who loved Him, just like your child. They can understand that Jesus grew to be a man who loved everyone and taught people to do the same.

To get our children to that point of knowing Jesus, we need begin as early as birth sharing Him. To foster that knowledge once they are capable of relating to Him, we must continue to share stories of Jesus and His great love and mercy. Make Him a part of our every day, every moment. Not just Sunday morning.

One amazing way we can bring Jesus to our children, is the new Jesus Sees Us storybook and doll.

The Jesus Sees Us storybook is a wonderful book with bright colors and brilliant pictures that shares stories of Jesus and how we can be like Him. And the Jesus doll gives your child something to hold on to, to snuggle with.

My sweet nephew, Major, napping with Jesus.
He was terrified of the doll at first, then loved him!

Now, I have to share how our family has been using our Jesus doll. Each year at Christmas there is a little elf that sits on shelves. He randomly moves around the house for children to wake up and find. Jesus has been roaming through our house much the same. It's been so much fun.

My husband 'hid' Jesus in my daughter's curtains and she found him there. Then she hid him for my husband to find. Then my husband hid him, then my son, and the hiding continues. My husband says, "Jesus is always watching you!" As I type, Jesus is sitting on the self in the living room between a vase and stack of books, just waiting to be discovered. It's been fun for my family as well as a great visual reminder that no matter where we are or what we are doing, Jesus is watching.

The Jesus Sees Us storybook and doll come together and make a wonderful birthday gift, addition to an Easter basket, or a just because treat. Your child will love snuggling with Jesus and hearing the stories.

To win a Jesus Sees Us storybook and doll, complete each task in the rafflecopter below.


  1. The youngest little one's favorite snuggle item is "Uppy" (puppy) It goes EVERYWHERE!! LOL (I hope this isn't a duplicate post :)

  2. My 5 yr old has a t-rex he sleeps with and my 22 month old has a prairie dog although she has many other babies she has in her bed.


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