Wednesday, March 4, 2015


It's that time again! Time to check in with each other on our One Word. {To read about my One Word, click HERE.}

1) Drinking water - My goal of drinking 80-100 ounces of water a day is so easy on some days and on others, not so much! I am using Waterlogged to help me keep track. Most days I end up right at 80 ounces. There have been a few days that I had to squeeze in a glass of water at night to hit 80 ounces. I still carry my Tervis tumbler around with me every where I go. It helps keep my water cool and always having it with me helps me to drink throughout the day.

In January, I didn't crave pepsi too much. In February, I did. I even 'cheated' and had a few on weekdays. But I am striving to not do that and stick to water on weekdays. One day I was having a really bad day and felt like I just really needed a pepsi. So I got one. Then God gave me a God-spanking. I shouldn't feel the need to turn to pepsi, or anything else, when things are bad. I should turn to God. So now when I am feeling stressed or upset or like I need a pepsi, I try to take deep breaths and pray.

2) Living Water - My goal of getting in the Word more has been such a blessing! She Reads Truth reminding me to get in the Word again. I love their reading plans. Some of my favorite plans have been the Hymns plans and the Ruth plan. If you are looking for a Bible reading plan, or for a way to get in the Word when you are on the go, check out She Reads Truth. They have wonderful encouragement following the Scripture reading for the day. I have my regular quiet time each morning. I've started journaling my prayers again, which I love to do. Then at 1pm my alarm on my cell goes off from

Before bed I grab my Gratitude Journal and my Duck Commander Devotional. I love my gratitude journal from Money Saving Mom. It gives a space for me to list something from the day that I am grateful for. This practice of pausing before bed to reflect on my day and find something to be grateful for has taught me that there is always something to praise God for. No matter how hard the day may have been, there is always reason to thank God. {Money Saving Mom's Gratitude Journal is currently sold out. When it becomes available again, I will give your more info. You will love it!} Then I read the daily devo from Duck Commander Devotional. This is so fun. Not only do you get a Scripture verse and encouragement, but if you watch the show Duck Dynasty, you know the family member's personalities and you can see that come out in their devotions. It really is fun.

All in all I am doing very well with my One Word for the year. Yet as in all things, there is always room for growth. I look forward to growing with this word, drinking WATER and Living WATER, throughout the year.

How did you do in February? Did you stick to your One Word (or New Year's resolution/goal)? Where did you struggle? Where did you feel success? Share in the comments how you are doing!

*Check back tomorrow for more about the Duck Commander Devotional and a giveaway!

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  1. Hi Jenifer! Thanks for the tip on the Gratitude Journal (I've been wanting to get one - looking forward to when the one you mentioned comes available again!). We're actually studying gratitude and intentional acts of kindness in my positive psychology class right now and there's a bunch of studies showing that keeping a gratitude journal is one of the best ways to increase overall well-being. (It's always fun to see studies confirming things you already know in your heart and spirit ♥) Hope you have a wonderful day! xo Jessica


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