Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Let It Be Jesus {giveaway}

I struggle with something. Something I didn't even know I struggled with until several years ago. {To read how I came to this painful realization, click HERE.} I struggle with going to Jesus first. When trouble comes my way, I try to take care of it myself or I go to my husband. But rarely do I call on the name of Jesus from the start.

If more bills than money come in, I try to find a way to take care of it on my own. What can I do? What can my husband do? Yet, I should go to Jesus and ask for His help. If sickness hits our home, I try to take care of it my way. How can I make it better? Yet, I should go to the Great Physician and ask for His help.

Let it be Jesus we call on first.

God is always there. He knows our needs, He knows our hurts. All we have to do is go to Him.

Evening, morning and noon,
I cry out in distress and He hears me.
Psalm 55:17

It's wonderful that we can turn to our spouse, friend or pastor. However, humans, no matter how much we love them or they love us, will let us down. Why? Because we are flawed. Though we love, we are not perfect. God, our Creator, our Father, is perfect. His love is perfect. It should always be the name of Jesus we call out to first. He should be the One we count on to take care of us and guide us.

Let it be the name of Jesus we call on.

Christy Nockels' song, Let it Be Jesus, is a powerful reminder. The very first line of the song resonates with me. She sings, "Let it be Jesus, the first name that I call." I want to remember to call on Him, first.

Christy's new cd, by the same name, Let it Be Jesus, is full of amazing music that will bless you. As a worship leader, Christy knows just how much music can usher us into the presence of God. Her music will definitely do that!

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  2. I tend to always ask other people's opinions or advice instead of seeking God first


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