Tuesday, May 12, 2015


We are already into the beautiful month of May. So far, for my neck of the woods, May has brought lots and lots of rain. If April shower bring May flowers, what do May showers bring?

It's time to do a check in with how we are doing on our 2015 goals. To read my previous updates, click here.

So how have I done with my One Word, water?

1) Drinking water - Can I just say UGH! Back in late March I did really bad in this area. I had lots of water, but also had soda. So I was determined to get better for April. And I did. For a couple weeks. Then I fell back into the routine of Pepsi. Can I blame it on my husband!? Just kidding. He's been off work lately and when he's home, I ask him to pick me up a soda when he's out running errands. My hubby is a great guy, but not one to tell me no, even if I've asked him to tell me no. But it is not his fault. He just spoils me. ;) So April was a struggle in this area. I am still using the Waterlogged app and keeping track of my water. I average around 60 ounces of water a day. A little shy of my 80-100 ounce goal.

I need to really strive to be intentional in drinking water and use self control when it comes to pepsi. Pray for me?

2) Living Water - I am doing really well in this area. I did miss my afternoon quiet time twice, but I had good reason, my new niece came into this world and between watching her big brother and going back and forth to the hospital I missed. My evening quiet time, writing down 1 thing I am thankful for from that day, reading the short devo from the Duck Commander Devo and praying, has been great. That has become a routine. As soon as I sit on the bed at night, I grab those books and my pen. I love that time. My morning quiet time is great too.

I started the She Reads Truth Fruits of the Spirit reading plan yesterday, for my afternoon devotions. I love studying the Fruits of the Spirit. If you are looking for a reading plan, check out She Reads Truth.

So friends, how are YOU doing with your goals for the year? I would love to know how you are struggling and how you are succeeding. Please share in the comments about your own experiences.

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