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Back to Basics {Women in God's Word - Day 5}

Women in God's Word series - Day 5 #WomenInGodsWord #women #bible

Today it's time to share my real life quiet time...

Let me start by saying that mornings and I do not get along. At all. I have come to love and appreciate them for the gift from the Father that they are. Yet, I still struggle to wake up. Even after a full night's sleep, I still find it very hard to wake up in the morning. Most mornings I'd love nothing more than to throw the alarm clock across the room.

When I first began having a regular quiet time about 5 years ago, after many years of not doing it, I tried different times of day. I wanted to see what was best for me. I found that as much as I dislike mornings, I knew that, for me, mornings are the best time to spend with Jesus. With my 4 children, and 3 very rambunctious dogs, my house isn't quiet enough to focus later on in the day. And I learned that if I put it off, well, I probably just won't do it at all. So, with tired eyes, I press on.

In pressing on, I've found that starting my day with Jesus is the best choice I could ever have made. Just as an athlete warms up for a game, starting my day with Jesus is warming up for my day!

Then I had to learn what it meant to have a quiet time. I began with the Our Daily Bread devotionals and Bible reading plan then I would pray and sing praises. Soon I began to journal, something I loved doing as a teenager. My quiet times were passionate and beautiful, a time that was just for Jesus and me.

Then I found social media.

Daily I saw beautiful pictures posted of open Bibles placed lovingly beside vases of flowers, lit candles and journals with perfect handwriting. The pictures were beautiful. I would ooh and aah over them then tap that little red heart.

I know these pictures are posted for the beauty they behold. I know they are posted to encourage and inspire. And I greatly appreciate them.

But that's not me.

I began to wonder if I was doing something wrong. Why didn't my quiet time look like that? My house is rarely spotless. The writing in my prayer journal is barely legible, even to me. I'm too tired to light a candle first thing in morning. I don't often purchase flowers and don't have a flower garden to pick from because, well, I kill everything I touch. I don't have the 'perfect' quiet time spot {Can I just tell you that I long to have a prayer closet? I have seriously considered emptying a closet in our home that will serve this purpose for me. Yet that means someone will be without clothes...}.

I began to feel as though my quiet times just weren't good enough. Not for the world, not for me and not for God.

That's when God gently reminded me that all He wants is me. While the other stuff may be beautiful, He doesn't require it or even ask for it. He just wants to spend that one on One time with us. He wants us to rest in His arms and talk to Him. We don't need flowers and candles or have to have beautiful penmanship.

It was time for me to go back to the basics: me, a Bible, and God.

Some days my quiet time spot is clean, some days it is a disaster. Some days I am fully ready for the day, some days my make up isn't done and my hair is a mess. Some days I am waking from a very short night and can barely keep my eyes open. Some days, like a lazy Saturday, instead of getting out of bed, I reach for my phone or ipad to open my Bible app. Some days I journal for a long time, some days I write only 1 or 2 sentences. All that matters is that I am spending time with the Father.

This is my quiet time spot. I keep a basket -with my Bible, journal, any devotionals I am reading, sticky notes, pens and highlighters- next to my chair at all times. (That candle is not lit I promise you!)

I always grab my water glass and a blanket when I sit down with Jesus. Yes, even a Veggie Tales blanket.

The other side of the room, a little messy, which is very normal and very real.

Remember, it doesn't matter what others post or what you think their quiet time looks like. All that matters is that you spend time with Jesus. If you want to light a candle, go for it! I love candles and light them every single day, just not for my quiet time. If you have the view of the mountains and want your quiet time there, go for it! When we go on vacation to the beach, I love having my quiet time on the deck listening to the waves. Yet, I know that I can feel God and talk to God even in my messy, much in need of a dusting, living room.

We want to know what your real life messy quiet time looks like. Post your pictures to social media with the hashtag #WomenInGodsWord. Let be real!

If you are new to my blog, I want to welcome you and tell you about me!

Woman to Woman Ministries founder and co-leader, Jenifer Metzger, has a passion for ministering to and encouraging women. She is learning to say "yes" to God and loves the journey with Him.

Not considering herself a writer or speaker, Jenifer was unsure how blogging would go. After all, to write, shouldn't you understand predicate nominatives, dangling modifiers and all of that grammar jargon? At the very least, shouldn't you be able to spell correctly? {Praise God for spell check, amen?}

While grammar and spelling may not be her strong suit, Jenifer strives to be authentic and share her heart. She wants others to understand that they are not alone in their struggles and trials. We are all sinners saved by grace.

Jenifer and her husband of 17 years, Jeremy, have 4 children whom she calls her blessings from Heaven. Jeremy and Jenifer are the associate pastors at their church as well as lead the children's ministry, marriage ministry and outreach ministry. Jenifer is a housewife, homeschools her children.

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  1. Jenifer, This was beautiful. I find that my best time to read my Bible is in the morning as well, however, sometimes I don't get it done till later in the day, I really want to make morning devotions a priority.Thank you for the encouragement, the realness, and openness as we look into your quiet time.


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