Saturday, June 13, 2015

Final Thoughts {Women In God's Word}

Women in God's Word series - Day 5 #WomenInGodsWord #women #bible

Today is the final day in the Women In God's Word series. We pray that each day you have been blessed and encouraged. Remember, having a quiet time with God is not about location, things or perfection. It's simply about going to the Father and being with Him.

I want to share an opportunity with you from Woman to Woman Ministries:

With our day to day activities as women, wives, mothers, daughters, employees, friends, or whatever hat we are wearing, it can be hard to find time to spend with the Father. The ladies at Woman to Woman Ministries understand and that is how Morning Reflections has helped us!

Woman to Woman Morning Reflections is a private Facebook group where women can come for accountability. Simply go to the link below and fill out the form. We will send you a link to join the group. Then each day come back to the group and post where you read in the Bible that day and what God is speaking to you. Then read through the other reflections and be encouraged. Morning Reflections is an excellent way to have accountability among your sisters in Christ.

We want the Woman to Woman Morning Reflections group to be about accountability, encouragement, prayer partners and building relationships. We want for you ladies to make lasting friendships in these groups as you are encouraged in your walk with God.

To join a Reflections group, please click HERE and fill out the form.

*Woman to Woman Morning Reflections is intended for accountability only. Promoting blogs, websites, giveaways, etc, is strictly prohibited. This group is only for accountability and encouragement.

See what others are saying about Woman to Woman Morning Reflection Groups!

Morning Reflections is a wonderful start to my day. When we started the Morning Reflections Group, I wasn't very excited. All I could think of was one more thing that I had to do...send an email EVERY day! Ugh! Well, it has grown on me. I am excited to get up in the morning and do my devotions with the Lord and then share a sentence or two with my 'group.'  It's exciting to see what God is saying to the others. I love when I share with the group what God speaks to me, it was exactly what someone else needed for the day! ~Debi

Morning Reflections has been such a blessing to me! When you know someone is waiting for you, you tend to be more apt to follow through.  Spending time with God was easy for me Monday through Friday. But the weekend was another story. Having my Morning Reflection group waiting for my reflection encouraged me to continue with my quiet time even on the weekends. ~Jenifer

I love Morning Reflections! I love reading the Bible, but sometimes we get so busy and push His Word aside. Knowing that I have a group of women expecting to hear from me, has helped me keep my priorities straight. ~ Lisa 

Morning Reflections keeps me motivated to stay in the Word even when I don't "feel" like stopping to take a few minutes for myself and for God. I know that my sweet sisters are waiting to hear from me and it holds me accountable to them and to God. Sometimes what God speaks to one sister is something another sister needs to hear. You never know how He will use your Morning Reflection until you let Him. ~Mandy

The Spirit of this group has been very uplifting-informative-refreshing and transparent... Totally GOD-ordained!!!! ~Trish

Its a blessing to share with each other and see how God's word is making a difference and if prayer requests are made its a comfort to know ladies far and wide are storming heavens gates on your behalf. ~Kimberly

I love how this page brings women together to share through God's word their joys, loves, fears, salvation, pains, forgiveness, help, and healing♡ ~Michelle

I have a place to go when I need prayer. And I love reading and seeing how God is working in everyone's daily lives. ~Mary

W2W Ministries continues to bless my life daily, but our interactions in our group have blessed me the most! What better way to start the morning but to read the beautiful reflections of sisters in Christ as they absorb and apply God's Holy Word in their lives! ~Lisa D.

JenileeMelanieTraci and Shari THANK YOU for joining me and sharing your hearts as well as your real life quiet times with us. Love you ladies!

We want to know what your real life messy quiet time looks like. Post your pictures to social media with the hashtag #WomenInGodsWord. Let be real!

Today is the final day to enter this fun giveaway! Enter to win a $25 Starbucks giftcard. Just complete each task in the rafflecopter below. Come back each day to tweet for more entries and to share your real life Bible time pics on Instagram for even more entries!

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