Wednesday, June 24, 2015

Bedtime with the Father {Giveaway}

As part of my One Word for this year, I have been spending time with God before bed each night. When I first started, I was worried because most nights I fall into bed dead tired. However, I've come to love this time. These few minutes of thanking God for my blessings that day, a few minutes to read a Bible verse and very short encouragement. A few minutes to be in His arms. Then, I drift off to sleep.

Since beginning this new practice, I've found that I sleep better at night. I'm falling asleep praising God instead of falling asleep worrying about my circumstances or trials.

When you struggle with sleep, fall asleep with Jesus!

Do you want this same peaceful sleep for your little ones? The Bedtime Devotions with Jesus: My Daily Devotional for Kids is an incredible devotional for little ones written by pastors, pastor's wives, children's pastors and other church leaders. With a Scripture verse, very short teaching encouragement for little ones, it is perfect for snuggling up before sleepy time with Jesus.

Starting a habit of prayer and Bible reading before bed is one your children will carry with them for many years to come. So start now!

To enter to win Bedtime Devotions with Jesus: My Daily Devotional for Kids, complete each task in the rafflecopter below.

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  1. I try to teach my daughter to think about how the Lord is watching over her as she sleeps and keeping her safe, and how much he loves her.


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