Friday, July 24, 2015

A Vow of Purity

I have 4 teenagers. Yes, 4. You feel my pain right?

Can I just be completely honest with you? It is crazy scary to have teenagers. I mean down right terrifying. My greatest desire is for my kids to be so deeply in love with Jesus and live a life pure and holy before Him.

But we live in a world full of sin. We live in a world that says do whatever feels good to you whenever you want to do it. It has become the norm for teens, even older kids, to experiment s*xually.

Kids and teens of all ages have cell phones. All 4 of mine do. These tiny boxes that at just touch of a finger they expose n*dity and p*rnography and they can s*xt with friends and even strangers. And it's considered okay. Kids and teens have tvs in their bedrooms, access to computers and tablets. Everywhere they look there is something in their line of vision that is waiting to compromise their integrity and purity.

Parents, it is time we take a stand! Time we educate our children in purity and in God's expectations for our lives.

Don't worry about being the friend. Be the parent. Set guidelines for your kids with the internet. Put blocks on their devices. We use Covenant Eyes for our computers and our phones are iPhone which have amazing parental security. If I see my child headed out into the street with an oncoming car, I am going to stop them. If I see my child looking at the internet which could be just as dangerous, I will stop them by using parental securities and blocks.

2 years ago my husband took our daughter on a date and I took my son on a date. We talked with our teenagers about purity, created a vow of purity and gave them purity rings as a symbol of their vow. Now, my husband and I are planning the same dates with our younger daughter and son. I look at them, 14 and 12, and I see innocence. It breaks my heart to know that at their young, tender age we have to have this heavy discussion with them. But if we don't, the world will.

To read more about our dates and see our written vow of purity, click HERE. I outline what to do before your date, during your date and after.

Teaching our children about Biblical purity can be hard. I am so thankful for resources like Passport to Purity by Family Life. Passport to Purity is designed to take a weekend getaway with your preteen/teen. However, if a weekend getaway is not possible, you can do it at home. Passport to Purity offers 8 cd sessions to listen to with your teen, the tour guide for the parent, and the travel journal for your teen. The travel journal is amazing! It is jam packed with Scriptures, encouragement, scenarios, and much more.Your young adult will love it.

Check out what other parents are saying about Passport to Purity

No matter how old your teenager is, it is not too late. No matter what they've been involved in up to this point, it is not too late. Get Passport to Purity and teach your child truth. If your child is nearing those preteen years, begin preparing and educating yourself now. Before going through Passport to Purity I did the course myself so that I was ready. Remember, if you don't teach your child, the world will.

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  1. Great tips. I remember doing this with my 4!

  2. Great read can't wait to do this with my teens

  3. Your blog post is so timely! I have Passport to Purity on my "need to buy" list for my nearly 12 and 14 year olds. Thank you for your blog post!!

  4. Perfect! I've been looking for something for my teen daughter! She wants a purity ring for her 16th birthday this fall! Thanks Jenifer!! ~Lisa


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