Tuesday, July 14, 2015

My Most Prized Possession {Giveaway}

Last week we found ourselves under a tornado warning. Once the sirens started to blare and we heard of a touchdown only 25 minutes from us, my husband decide it was time to head to the basement.

In emergency times like this, I have 2 items I grab. The first is my grab and go box. It's a box that holds my family's important information such as birth certificates, social security cards, insurance documents, etc. I also keep a couple of very important pictures in there. The second item is my Bible.

Before heading to the basement, unsure of what would be left of my home if a tornado reached us, my Bible was at the forefront of my mind. I knew I needed it. I needed to know it was there, to hold it, to feel it, to know it would be there to read and bring my family comfort if disaster struck.

My Bible is my lifeline. It's like a physical connection between me and God. Occasionally I turn to the Bible app on my iPad or cell phone, but I still need that physical paper Bible to touch.

You may have seen this video before, but please watch again.

Receiving their Bibles for the very first time, these men and women are brought to tears. They place the Bibles against their face. They smell the Bibles, kiss the Bibles. They are overjoyed.

Do you feel this way about your Bible? Is it that important to you? Or is your Bible just a fixture in your home? Something that comes off the shelf for Sunday service, then is placed right back there.

Everyone deserves their own Bible. Including our children. The Just For Me Bible is the perfect Bible for your little one's little hands. With an easy to carry handle and bright colors, they can read their favorite Bible stories anywhere.

To enter to win the Just For Me Bible, complete each task in the rafflecopter below.

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