Thursday, October 29, 2015

God Always Knows

Yesterday I shared of my daughter recently being tested for cancer. To read, click HERE. Today I want to share more about her test and God's goodness.

Last month my daughter had an MRI to test one of her tumors to see if there was cancer there. While having the MRI we made the decision to move forward with having her spinal cord scanned as well. Our doctor had been asking us to do this MRI scan on her spine for about a year now. The bone condition she has, has recently been discovered to have tumors inside the spinal cord that cause great problems. Up to this point, we had let Grace decide if she wanted to do the MRI or wait. She always chose to wait. But since we were doing an MRI anyway, I made the decision to scan the spine at the same time.

Now, to give you a little back story here: I have 4 children. 3 of my children, 2 boys and 1 girl, are super athletic. My boys both play baseball and basketball and regularly ride bikes, run and other athletic things. My oldest daughter plays volleyball and basketball and regularly runs and other athletic things. Grace, however, does not do anything athletic at all. Grace hates sports. I mean hates sports. She doesn't even enjoy bike riding.Not only does she not play any sports, she will not watch any sports. When she goes to her siblings sporting events, she generally reads a book while occasionally looking up to cheer them on. Swimming, for fun not competition, is something she enjoys but that is it.

My husband and I wondered why our other 3 kids can love sports and be so active yet Grace hates sports. We have tried to encourage her countless times to pick one sport she could do. Just one thing so that she is getting some exercise and will be active. Even if it were just for fun and not for competition. She just wasn't the least bit interested. Give her a book or time alone in the kitchen to bake and she's the happiest girl in the world.

The MRI results were now in. No cancer! PRAISE GOD. Now for the spinal cord results. Yes. There is 1 tumor inside her spinal cord. I wasn't necessarily shocked considering she has them all over her body. But I was concerned with what this meant for her.

Our doctor had consulted with a spine doctor -I didn't know those existed- before calling us with the results. They both agreed that if she were careful, she would be okay and this tumor would not cause her problems. Again, PRAISE GOD.

Be careful? Exactly what does that mean?

The doctors, our orthopedic doctor and the spine doctor, said they do not want Grace doing any sports or anything that can put pressure on her spine. If she avoids sports, this tumor should not bother her.

Really?! She doesn't even like sports!

Wait a minute....she doesn't even like sports. God created her to not like sports. God knew. He knew! If this were to have happened to one of my other children and we had to pull them from sports, they would be devastated. I mean we'd still be mopping up tears and consoling the heartbreak. But Grace didn't care at all.

God knew and He created her on purpose.

Now, God could simply have created her without these tumors and with an interest in sports. But for some reason that we do not yet know, He did it this way instead. But He knew. I cannot express how grateful my mama heart is that He made her exactly the way He did. He has a great purpose for her and I cannot wait to see it unfold.

Remember, God made you on purpose and for a purpose. Don't regret it, don't question it. Simply trust that He knows and He has a plan. And guess what? His plan is good.

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  1. This nana is crying buckets right now, so much so that I can barely see to type! I, too, have wondered why she doesn't like any sport whatsoever. As always God knows best!! But I think I'll praise His name even more now...because the One that created all things also created our beautiful Gracie just like she is and "all things work together for good to those that love God and are called according to His purpose!"


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