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Leading Your Child to Christ {giveaway}

As a parent and children's pastor one of the most amazing things I see is when a child finally 'gets it.' This past Sunday in children's church we discussed having a true relationship with Jesus and how that is the only way to heaven. As I was teaching, I could see the light go on in the kids' heads. You could see they were actually understanding! You could see them really thinking about it when I talked about going to heaven and God welcoming us with open arms or turning us away saying, "I never knew you, depart from me!" {Matthew 7} I love those moments of understanding.

As parents, it is our job, our responsibility, our privilege to lead our children to Christ.

Leading your child to Christ. #parenting #motherhood #children #Christ

The absolute biggest way to do this, is to be a living example. If you are serving God and living out a life that shows this, your children are going to want to follow Him too. Here are a few ways to be a living example and lead your children to Christ:

  1. Read your Bible daily. Let your children know that you have time with God. This was hard for me at first. The Bible tells us to go into our secret place and I felt I was doing wrong by letting my kids see me pray or read my Bible. However, our children need to see us having this time alone. Whether they are waking up as you are finishing your quiet time, you leave your Bible open on your bed or you talk about what you've read, your kids need to know that you are really reading your Bible.
  2. Pray continually. When your kids have a problem, hold their hands and pray with them. When a crisis in your life arises, pray. When you see an accident on the side of the road, pray aloud as you are driving. Even if you just have a headache, let your kids hear you pray for it.
  3. Give thanks often and for everything. As you drive away from the grocery store, thank God for providing the money to get the groceries. When it rains, praise God for the rain to make things grow. When God answers a prayer, thank Him. When you are driving to church, thank God for your church and church family. We are a very blessed people and our kids need to see and hear us giving thanks to God for all things.
  4. Be careful of what you say and do. If you say you want to live a life holy and righteous before God, then be careful about the tv shows and movies you watch, the music you listen to and the books and magazines you read. Watch the words that come out of your mouth. Would your words and attitude be pleasing to God?
  5. Ask forgiveness. It is important that we ask God to forgive us for our sins each day. We are human and sin daily, so we need to ask forgiveness daily. And because we are human, we often need to ask forgiveness of others too, sometimes even our kids. When you mess up, ask God to forgive you. If needed, ask your kids. When you wrong someone, admit it. If your kids are involved or know of the situation, admit to them that you messed up and are seeking forgiveness.
  6. Lead them. In addition to you reading the Bible on your own, read with your kids. Whether you read a couple verses each day at breakfast, read a chapter at bedtime or do an entire devotion, lead your kids in reading the Bible. They need to develop the habit of getting with God now.
  7. Have conversation. Make sure your kids understand that they need to have their own relationship with God. Talk to them about how to ask the Lord into their hearts and how to develop their relationship. Take a walk with your child and discuss this or sit on their bed at night and talk. Make sure they know that when they are ready you will be there to pray with them to ask Jesus into their heart.
I Believe in Jesus: Leading Your Child to Christ is a new book that walks your child through the gospel of Jesus in a way that is easy to understand and equips parents to share the story of God's love. This book will open doors for conversations that lead to salvation. With beautiful artwork and Scripture support, you will be ready to help lead your child to Jesus.

Leading your child to Christ. #parenting #giveaway #tommymommy

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