Wednesday, October 19, 2016

Good Good Father {giveaway}

Sometimes I just sit and watch my kids. I love to hear them interact with each other, watch them play their instruments, read the Bible, or just sit there and do nothing. There are times it moves me to tears. Tears of love, joy, pride and thankfulness. Yes, they do mess up sometimes. There are even times they break my heart. But my love for them never ever waivers and never ever fades.

Then I think of our Father. Just as my love for my kids cannot falter and just as I love to watch my kids, the Father loves me even more. His love is powerful and good in a way that we can never understand, no matter how hard we try.

He is our good Father and loves us. #goodgoodfather

He is so good and loves us so deeply. Think of your own children, how incredibly powerful your love for them is. Now understand that the Father loves you even more. Wow! It is amazing, isn't it? The Father loves you friend. He loves you and me and He is good. 

Some search and search in this life for someone or something to love them and care for them. But we don't have to search, He is right there. Even when things in our life are not going as we think they should, He is right there by our side. He is working behind the scenes in ways we don't even realize and holding His arms out to comfort us.

Yes, He is our good good Father.

Inspired by Chris Tomlin's Grammy Award winning song, Good Good Father, Chris and Pat Barrett bring us Good Good Father the book. The life of Tucker, a little bear, and the townspeople is changed forever when they learn just how great the King's love is for them. When the need the King, the castle door is always open.

This story is a great way to show your child the love of our Heavenly Father. As they read about Tucker and the King, they will see how our Father loves them. This book is a must have for every single family. I promise it will become a favorite.

To enter tow in Good Good Father, complete each task in the rafflecopter below.

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