Friday, March 31, 2017


So whether you eat or drink or whatever you do, do it all for the glory of God.
1 Corinthians 10:31

As a homemaker, I am always looking for better ways to take care of my family and my home because I want to glorify God in my homemaking. Today I want to share with you an amazing company I recently discovered that helps me do just that.

Now, here is my disclaimer. Before you think my family is an all-natural, green family, please know, that is just not true. We do not use only reusable or recycled materials, we are not vegan, we are not vegetarian, we aren't even gluten free. As a matter of fact, we use paper plates, plastic silverware, and paper napkins for breakfast and lunch. Don't judge. I cook three meals a day and doing dishes three times a day holds less appeal than a root canal. However, we use the real dishes and cloth napkins at dinner, so that counts right? While my family is not all-natural, and I doubt we ever will be, every little but helps. When we choose an all-natural cleaner over a chemical cleaner, it helps. When we recycle our boxes instead of trash them, it helps. When we choose something made from recycled material instead of new material, it helps. When we make sure to turn lights off when we leave a room, it helps. Every little bit helps.

Recently I discovered Grove Collaborative. Grove is an amazing company! Before I tell you about the products, let me tell you about the customer service. Customer service is very important to me and will either sell me on a company or force me to turn my back on a company. Grove's customer service is incredible. With my first shipment, there was an item missing. I contacted customer service via email and they replied within a few hours apologizing and letting me know they were shipping the missing item out immediately. There have been a couple other times I had questions and contacted the company, they always answered quickly and made sure I was satisfied.

I also love that Grove does all of the hard work for me. Researching companies, product and ingredients is time consuming. Grove does all of the research for us. They do the work to find amazing, affordable and effective natural products. Grove is dedicated to helping everyone create a healthy, beautiful home. They grew out of a simple belief: the best natural products for your home and family should be the easiest to get.

Of all the natural product lines Grove sells, Mrs. Meyers is one I've been wanting to try for a long time. I was not disappointed! I am in love with Mrs. Meyers products! The dish soap, hand soap and hand lotion are amazing. And I love the multi purpose cleaner. It means so much to me to know that I can have a beautiful smell while using an all natural cleaner that works.  I was nervous about trying the Mrs. Meyers hand lotion. I am super picky about the lotions I use, but I love it!  I also tried a few Method products. I love the Method glass cleaner, it smells so good! I did not like the smell of the Method bathroom cleaner and will likely get extra Mrs. Meyers for bathroom use next time.

When my husband heard me talk about this company, he was afraid it was going to be expensive. However, the price of the products are very comparable to what you would purchase at Walmart, Target or your grocery store. Why not pay the same price and get all natural products? When I told him the price was the same as what I would normally pay, he then was afraid the products weren't going to work well. I can honestly say the products work great! The first day I used Mrs Meyer's dish soap, I purposely let a dinner pan sit out over night. I wanted to really test this soap. The dish soap got the tough, baked on dish clean without any scrubbing. All of the cleaners work like this. Is it weird to say I enjoy cleaning now?

Lastly, I love the Grove monthly shipments. Each month Grove automatically fills your shopping cart with the products you buy. Don't worry, you can remove them at any time. You will receive an email before your items ship so you can adjust your cart as you need. I've actually had fun playing with this, guessing what I'll need next month. And if you sign up as a VIP for only $19.00 a year, you get free unlimited shipping, free gifts every 3 months, and early access to new products. The VIP service is definitely worth it!

Think you are ready to try Grove now? Just click this link and get $10 OFF your order!

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