Tuesday, March 14, 2017


I have an extremely hard time watching tv. It's not that I don't like watching tv, it's that it is so hard to find shows that do not present an overbearing wife and a doormat husband. I start out watching a show because, of course the commercials look interesting. Then minutes in, the wife is treating her husband like a child, calling him names, or treating him as though he were stupid. I quickly turn it off.

I see it in real life too. Wives bossing husbands around. Wives putting their husbands down to their friends. Wives yelling at their husbands as though they were one of their children. Wives acting like they rule it all and save the day while their husbands sit by as if they were nothing but a big doofus. I cringe and feel embarrassed for the husband as I look at his eyes and see the hurt and embarrassment.

Jen Weaver says in her brand new book A Wife's Secret to Happiness, "Nothing harms a man's credibility more than a corrective wife. She expects him to blow it, sitting in wait for her chance to save the day."

Now, believe me when I say, I am not innocent of this. I have certainly had my fair share of treating my husband poorly and I am sure I have embarrassed him a time or two, or a hundred. But I wonder why we as women think we have to treat our husbands this way? Why do we act as though they couldn't even form a sentence without our help? Our men are strong, capable human being created by a mighty God.

Jen also says, "We think of these statements as inconsequential, passing words soon forgotten, But they can plague our men and discredit them to others, because anything we mock relates to an area our men need built up." What if instead of mocking our husbands, instead of acting as though he can't put bread and butter together for toast, instead of correcting him, instead of bossing him around, we would encourage him? What if we would lift him up? What if we would praise him?

Jen encourages us saying, "A negative mind detracts from a positive life, and a negative mouth discourages a positive lover. The blessing of a good name doesn't mean we make up pretty words or deceive others to make our men appear better than they are. God wants to change what we put in our hearts. To refresh the thoughts we store and perspectives we carry of our husbands. To renew the attitudes of our minds so we honor the word God does in their lives, not detract from it."

Oh friends, it's time to stop treating our husbands as our big man child and start treating him like our husband. If we say we want our men to be bold, Godly men, it's time to stop disqualifying him from who God created him to be and start lifting him up. Pray and ask God to give you a new perspective, to help you see your husband as a man and to treat him as a man.

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