Wednesday, March 15, 2017


My husband has gotten into a dirty little habit. A habit that costs quite a pretty penny for us. And I am so proud of him for it!

What's the habit you ask? Giving his Bible away. Over the past several years he has given away at least 6 of his own personal Bibles. Why would he do that you ask? Because we firmly believe that every person, no matter how young or old, deserves and needs their own Bible. So when my Jeremy hears of someone who doesn't have a Bible, he hands his right over.

This is why I love sharing Bibles with you. And today I have a wonderful children's Bible that your little ones will love. It's the new Jesus Calling Bible for Children. This Bible has beautiful pictures your child will love looking at as well as Sarah Young's Jesus Calling devotions we all love.

Jesus Calling Bible for Children has 160 devotions from the Jesus Calling children’s devotional. The two-color Bible text and devotional content are complemented by 96 colorful Bible story pages, takeaway applications, 365 highlighted key memory verses, prayers, and kid-friendly applications. This is a great Bible for your child and for family devotions.

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