Tuesday, July 18, 2017


I remember when I was first pregnant with my oldest. I would lay my hands on my rounded belly praying for her, though I didn't know she was a her yet. I remember driving home from work each day talking to her and praying over her. 19 years later, I am still praying for her, as well as my other babies. Now that my oldest is in the early part of her adulthood journey and preparing for college, I find that my prayers, mixed with buckets of tears, are nonstop.

The prayers of a mother are vitally important. Yet, sometimes, we aren't sure what to pray. I've often wondered if I am missing any areas that need to be prayed over. What did I fail to cover? We wonder how to pray over specific areas and how to pray Scripture over our girl.

In her brand new book Praying for Girls, Teri Lynne Underwood shares 5 main areas to pray over your daughter, each with little sub-areas. She teaches us how to pray over her identity, her heart, her mind, her relationships and her purpose. Teri Lynne uses over 200 Scriptures to show us how to pray God's Word. My favorite part is at the end of each area, she offers a Girl Talk. This Girl Talk is divided into 3 sections. 1 for little girls, 1 for the middle girls, and 1 for big girls. The Girl Talk gives discussion topics for you and your daughter to talk about and gives a little hands on activity to do together. This is a great bonding tool!

No matter how old your girl is, 1 or 21, Praying for Girls is a must read. You will be blessed, your daughter will be blessed and your relationship with her will be blessed.

Have sons? Are you a boy only mom? That's ok! Praying for Girls can work for your boys too! Our sons need prayers in these areas as well and the Girl Talk can be changed to Boy Talk with a little adjustment for the hands on areas.

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