Thursday, August 31, 2017


It has been almost 2 weeks. 2 weeks since my husband and I dropped our oldest child off at college. I knew it would be hard, yet I never knew how hard. The orientation and hearing them speak about all my child would do and experience without me. Hearing them talk about the college nurse and what to do for an emergency and knowing I wouldn't be there to protect her in those times. Setting up her apartment and knowing she would live there without us. Seeing where she will eat her meals, meals I won't be able to cook for her. Then there was the driving away. And the arriving back at home without her there. Oh it is so hard friends!

The entire drive home I kept running through her 19 years and wondering what have I missed? What did I fail to teach her that she needs to know? What did I miss in praying over her? What gaps did I leave? Will she remember to call on Him?

In her new book {Why} Motherhood Matters, September McCarthy tells us:
I realize I cannot be everything my children need. Unless I give them a daily dose of the living, breathing God in their life, when the day comes that I cannot be there or fix something, they won't know to rely on God first. Even before me. I am going to pray over my children's lives for a deep faith that is rooted in places I cannot reach, and that my faith will be strong enough to know He is enough for my children.

No matter how intentional we are in raising our children and teaching them about the Father, our first duty is to give them that daily dose of God. That means that we have to live for Him. We have to turn to Him, praise Him, serve Him. The second thing we need to do is pray for them.

My daughter is almost 200 miles from home, yet I can still give her a daily dose of God by me living for Him. And I can most definitely pray for her. I can pray that God would fill in the gaps that I left, protect where I cannot, and lead her in all her ways. Even from these long 200 miles away, motherhood matters.

My oldest is now away at school, but I still have 3 at home. Truth is, all 4 of my kids need me in some way. The day we had family over to say good-bye, I realized how deeply I needed my mama and my grandmother. You see, until the day we die, our motherhood will matter.

September's book, {Why} Motherhood Matters, is available today. This book is for moms in all seasons and from all walks. Pick up a copy today and see just why motherhood matters.

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