Tuesday, December 5, 2017


Handling a rebellious child is hard, heart breaking work. You wonder what you did wrong. Should you have spanked more, should you not have spanked at all. Should you have chosen a different schooling option. Should you have had stricter rules or lightened up a bit. You feel responsible. You feel angry. You feel tired. You hurt. You feel like a failure.

There are different types of rebellion. Maybe your child has an addiction that is physically harming them, maybe they lie constantly, maybe they are angry, maybe they disrespect everything you do and say. No matter what form of rebellion, there is an ongoing cycle that continues week after week, day after day. You talk, discipline, punish, talk more, get angry, cry, talk again, worry, seek advice and talk even more.

Let me ask you this: when is the last time you prayed?

I am not talking a quick, simple "Help me, Lord!" prayer, though those prayers are often needed. I am not talking tear filled prayers telling God you just can't do it anymore, though we feel this way. I am talking about clasping hands with your spouse and going to the throne room of God for your child.

You see, rebellion is a heart problem. All of the talks and punishments are not going to change that. Yes, they are most definitely needed. Any form of rebellion cannot go unpunished. But the only thing that is going to change it is a heart change. And the only way you are going to see a heart change is through prayer. Fervent, intentional prayer.

Friends, I know how hard this is. Believe me, I do. It's time to take it to God. To petition the King of kings on behalf of your child. We must be in prayer over all of our children on a daily basis. But when we have a child with a rebellious heart, we must go to the next level with prayer. The kind of prayer that is a fight for your child's life. Think of it this way, if you are not fighting for your child, who is?

Another thing we must do is remind the enemy that he has no control of your child and to kick him out of your family's life and home. This very real enemy we have thinks that he can take up residence in your home and when he does, he whispers lies to your family and wreak havoc. He needs to be reminded that he is not welcome and must leave. I love this scene from the movie War Room. You can feel the power as Elizabeth, played by Priscilla Shirer, tells the enemy to leave. People, this is what we must do! You have this authority! Use it!

I encourage you, if your child has a rebellious heart, it's time to take a stand. Get together with your spouse and, with hands held together in unity, begin to fervently prayer over your child day after day.

If your spouse is not a believer, go to your accountability partner, pastor's wife, your own parent, someone who will gather with you and go to God on behalf of your child. Someone you can trust. If your child isn't the one going through this but someone close to you is, will you stand in the gap? Will you join the parent in prayer?

Prayer changes things. Even a rebellious child. Let's fight for our children.

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