Wednesday, May 2, 2018


This life God gifted to us was never promised to be easy. In fact, we will face many hardships. Health issues, relationship problems, financial hardships, and the list goes on. Our children face hardships too, though in a different way. They may struggle with learning to read, math makes no sense to them, a bully at school, learning to stand up for their faith, learning who they are, and again, the list goes on. As parents we need to put tools in their hands to help them keep the faith and walk with God as they face hard times.

Zondervan offers three great tools to help your child. May the Faith Be With You BibleMay the Faith Be With You Bedtime Prayers, and May the Faith Be With You Devotions are great resources to put into your child's hands to help them walk in faith.

May the Faith Be With You Bible is a full Bible that includes twenty-four full color pages that will teach and encourage your child how to walk in faith.

May the Faith Be With You Bedtime Prayers will lead your child in prayers of faith before bed.

May the Faith Be With You Devotions offers your child 180 days of devotions all about the reward of living and walking in faith.

With a fun space theme, your child will love this trio as they get into God's Word and learn to have faith in the God who created them. I highly recommend the May The Faith Be With You Bible and books for children. To pick up your copies, just click the links below.


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