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Powerful words we aspire to be. Yet how? How can we be courageous, brave, and bold in our lives? We face too much. We have challenges far too difficult. We have pasts looming over us. We see our humanly limitations. So how can we live this courageous life?

In her new book, Courageous Women of the Bible, LaTan Roland Murphy says, "Courageous behavior comes as we realize we are living for a higher cause, greater good, and better story that is being written across our beautifully imperfect lives."

In Courageous Women of the Bible, LaTan digs deep into the story of eleven women in the Bible, after all, what better way to learn than from God's Word. She exposes their trials and how they became courageous women despite their circumstances. We visit Deborah, the woman with the issue of blood, the widow with two coins, Jael, Abigail, Bathsheba, the Samaritan woman, Mary, the Shulammite woman, Jachabed, and the Shunammite woman, as well as hear personal stories from LaTan herself.

Each chapter ends with a courage quest, a challenge to step out boldly and take actions toward being courageous. The end of the book offers journaling prompts to really dig deep within ourselves with what we've learned.

If you are struggling with courage, tired of shrinking back, tired of living safely in the lines, Courageous Women of the Bible is going to help you learn to live courageously just as God intends.

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  1. So many are awesome but really admire Esther and love the story as well!

  2. There are so many wonderful women in the Bible. A few I admire Esther,Ruth and Hannah!

  3. My favorite courageous woman in the Bible is Mary the mother of Jesus.


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