Tuesday, June 5, 2018


I long for days of prayer and Bible reading. Not just the "quiet time" I spend with God in the morning, but entire days with worship music, vases of flowers, and burning candles while I spend my waking hours with nothing but prayer, Bible reading, in depth Bible study, singing worship, and just being alone with God all day long with nothing on the agenda.

That is certainly not my reality. And I'm sure it's not yours. The reality is laundry to wash, dry, fold, and put away. The reality is meals to cook and dishes to wash. The reality is school, sports, vehicle maintenance, errands to run, doctor appointments to attend, jobs to show up to, and the list continues to the point of exhaustion.

Crystal Stine knows all about this hustle of life while desiring the holiness of life. In her new book Holy Hustle, she says, "What if there was another way to live? A place where we can find ourselves embracing the work God has given us while honoring His command to rest - holy hustle?" Crystal says, "Tucked into holy hustle is a freedom that takes away the guilt of work and the shame of rest."

In Holy Hustle, Crystal teaches us how to stop the striving and harvest the blessing. Through her own life experiences, reflection, and Scripture, she gets us past the point of living a life of chaotic hustle and helps us transition into a holy hustle. A hustle that honors God's call in our lives while also honoring His command to rest.

Whether you are in a season of hustle or feel as though your life has been nothing but hustle, Holy Hustle will help you embrace the work and the rest of the Lord. Holy Hustle is available today, pick up your copy below.

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