Wednesday, June 20, 2018


One of the greatest things we can teach our kids is to spend time with the Father. One way we can do that is by having daily devotions. Daily devotions can be incorporated into a mealtime, part of the bedtime routine, or anytime. Just as long as we intentionally pause during our day to give some time to Jesus.

God's Blessing Day by Day is a 365 day devotional to help you and your kids have those important daily devotions. Each devotion has a short Bible verse, brief devotion, prayer, and key take away. These devotions will help your child learn all about their loving Father and begin a habit of spending time with Him.

God's Blessing Day by Day can be done by your school age child alone or with any age child as a family quiet time. But every age will love it as they learn to spend time with Daddy God.

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  1. My grandsons have devotions with their parents and when I go to their home to babysit we usually have a heart to heart talk about Jesus, we love it!


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