Wednesday, July 11, 2018


After I finish my morning devotions, I pick up my phone. It's time to peek at Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest, and check email. The time flies by and before I know it, I've spent too many minutes of my morning on social media.

I finally set my phone aside only to hear the ping of Facebook. So, I pick the phone back up to check. Twenty minutes later an email comes through. I am once again on the phone. Then the ding of Instagram. Back on the phone. Before I get the screened blacked out, Facebook pings again. And on the day goes. With every ding, ping, and buzz, I pick up the phone. After all, something needs my attention. It can't wait.

Or can it?

Throughout my years of handling a smart phone, I have learned to put the phone down and make eye contact with my loved ones as they speak to me. It is important to me. But lately, I have been wondering what I am missing even when they are not speaking to me.

My kids are older now. Honestly, I am grateful to God that smart phones didn't exist when they were little. What would I have missed? A first step? Yet, what am I missing now? My oldest daughter is engaged to be married. This is our last summer with her before handing her off to her husband to be. I don't want to miss any moments with her. I don't want to miss any moments with any of my children.

It's not just moments with my kids. I don't want to miss moments with my husband, my parents, or with any of my family. I don't want to miss sunrises and sunsets. I don't want to miss the wildflowers growing on the side of the road or fluffy clouds formed overhead.

These moments are important but in order to not miss them, I need to put my phone down and pull my eyes up.

Am I saying social media or technology is bad? No. In and of itself, it is not bad. I am not cancelling any of my social media accounts. So how am I putting my phone down and pulling my eyes up? I am turning off social media notifications on my phone. I will still check social media a couple of times throughout the day, but without the pings, dings, and buzzes, I won't be tempted to pick up my phone every five minutes.

Friends, I am not telling you to cancel your social accounts and I am not telling you to silence the notifications on your phone. What I am telling you to do is to evaluate how much you are on your phone (or tablet or computer, any device that takes your attention). Do the constant notifications distract you from what really matters in life? Are you missing moments with your family and friends just to scroll through memes, videos, and political arguments? Can you limit yourself or maybe take a phone free day once a week? What can you do to not miss the beautiful things?

Please share your own experiences in the comments. I'd love to hear how you have struggled or kept from struggling with this.

Matthew West's new song has been a huge for me. Matthew's words were confirmation of what God was already speaking to me. Please take a moment to listen.

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