Wednesday, October 24, 2018


For far too long I felt like I couldn't set goals, and when I did, I failed. I just didn't know how to go about setting reachable goals and then when setting goals, if I didn't see enough progress, I would just give up.

But it wasn't just about setting these large goals. It was also about the every day things. I would plan to do something then come bedtime when I look back over my day, I would realize I hadn't done it. I would say I need to water my house plants once a week but then months later when it was too late, I would finally remember to water them. I would say I wanted to drink so many glasses of water a day yet when I would think back on my day I'd see I didn't meet that number.

Goal setting was hard. But goal executing was even harder. Then I found Powersheets!

The Powersheets, by Cultivate What Matters, helps you to uncover your goals, make an action plan, and live it out. Through Powersheets you discover who you are, what you love, and what you want to accomplish. Then you make an action plan on how to actually go through with your goals. The fun part is the monthly tending list. This is a list where you can mark down your progress on your monthly, weekly, and daily goals.

What I deeply love about Cultivate What Matters is they encourage us to look at progress not perfection. If I don't meet a goal all the way, it's okay. Did I make progress? That's what matters. Making progress, little by little.

Everything I do, I want to do my very best at, as to the Lord. But I can't do everything all of the time. Making goals that are reachable and tracking progress helps me to keep my focus on what really matters, not perfection. Powersheets help me with this. They help me focus, keep me on track, and help me celebrate progress.

The 2019 Powersheets launch today! I am so excited to continue using them into 2019. The Powersheets have new updated features you are going to love as well as four gorgeous cover options you can choose from.

Take a look at my Instastories for a peek inside how I used my Powersheets!

Powersheets are perfect for women in all seasons of life and from all walks of life. They will help you set goals that work for you and help you live them out as you cultivate what matters most in your life.

To order your 2019 Powersheets and be on your way to executing your goals, click the banner below:

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