Wednesday, February 6, 2019

Smart Ways You Can Make Your Child Excited For School

Some kids naturally love learning and school. They love being in a learning environment
surrounded by all of their friends, and they don’t need any coercion or bribes to get them there.
However, some kids can absolutely hate school. They don’t necessarily hate the learning part.
They might just hate having to leave their parents or siblings at home, or maybe there’s a
specific subject that they really don’t like.

Maybe you’re not sure which category your child falls into yet, or you have an inkling that they
are going to kick up a fuss when it’s time to put them in their uniform and send them off for the
day. If you want to make sure your child’s school life is as happy and productive as possible,
you’re going to need to do what you can to ensure they are excited for school.

Read on for some suggestions that might just make your child leap out of the house and head
off to school like it’s their favorite place in the world:

Set An Example As Early On As You Can
Make sure you’re setting a great example for your kids as early on as you can. If you’re not
bothered about your growth or education, why should they be? You may have left school long
ago, but that doesn’t mean you can’t continue to improve yourself and learn. You could do
something like a masters in early childhood education online if that interests you - but there are
thousands of different courses out there that could suit your needs and interests.

Talk To Them About Learning/School in A Positive Way
Make sure you use positive language when talking about learning and school. Let them know it’ll
be fun.

Read Books To Them
Read books to and with your kids regularly, and do other things to help them excel in a learning
environment. Reading helps them by improving their reading, speaking, and listening skills. It
could also help them to grow their imaginations!

Make Sure They Are Getting Plenty Of Sleep And A Good Breakfast
Ensure your kids are getting a consistent amount of sleep each night so they can perform at
their best. Most kids need 10 hours or more, so remove distractions from their bedrooms that
could be hindering this (no TV!). Send them off in the morning with a good breakfast too, so that
a hungry tummy doesn’t distract them.

Figure Out Which Subjects Interest Your Child Most And Nourish Them
There will be certain subjects that interest your kids more than others. Find out what they are
and nourish them. Get excited about them with them. If it’s animals, buy them books on different
kinds of animals. Get into the habit of helping them learn.

Learn With Them Beyond School
Go to museums together. Head to galleries. Learn new things together and make it a fun

Praise Their Efforts
Finally, rather than praising the end result, always praise your child’s efforts. Knowing how to
praise them correctly will help them to gain confidence and raise their self esteem. Praising
them on the end result can give them anxiety and make them reluctant to try new things!

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  1. As a former teacher (for over 30 years!) I think your suggestions are spot on. Even for older kids, like I taught, parents can do a lot to model enthusiasm and respect.


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