Thursday, July 18, 2019


I have never been one to question things. Okay, the phone works, it's really awesome that it does, but I don't need or want to know the how or why. Television is great, but I don't need or want to know how it works. The Bible, I believe God wrote it and I believe the stories in it, I don't need to know anything else.

When the movie God's Not Dead first came out, I realized that one day I may be questioned by someone about my faith and my answer may be their deciding factor on accepting God or not, literally a matter of life or death. So I needed to know exactly what I believe and why I believed it. I need to be fully ready and capable of defending Jesus. This is apologetics.

In his new book The Logic of God, preacher and author Ravi Zacharias uncovers 52 Christian essentials for our heart and mind. He teaches us what the essentials are, how to defend them, how to seek after them, and how to engage them.

In The Logic of God you will find 52 brief chapters, each ending with reflection questions and personal application. You could sit down and do this book in a short time span, but I highly recommend taking it one chapter a day or even one chapter a week and really taking your time digging in, especially with the reflection and application.

This book will leave you inspired, encouraged, and will teach you. No matter where you are on your walk with God, I highly recommend The Logic of God. Click below to purchase your copy.

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