Wednesday, July 17, 2019


There is something powerful about writing something out in your own handwriting. It helps to remember it. It helps to get it into your heart and mind. Think about it. We have our kids write out their spelling words to learn them. When we write down an appointment we are more likely to remember it. Writing is powerful.

This is why I love Write the Word Journals by Cultivate What Matters. These beautiful journals are made from vegan leather so they are soft to the touch, but they are also strong and made to last. On the inside, you will find a place to write what today is. This could be the date or how you are feeling or what the weather is. Then a place to write something you are thankful for. Next, there is a Scripture reference and blank space to write out that verse. On the next page you will find a space to write out a prayer or draw some artwork to go with your verse.

I hesitated to start Write the Word Journals at first because my handwriting is horrendous! But I realized, it doesn't matter! It's my handwriting! I know what I am writing. My heart is touched when I write God's Word, no matter how messy. And one day when my children, grandchildren, or maybe even my great-grandchildren find my journals, they will be blessed by seeing God's Word and my prayers written out in my handwriting.

Cultivate What Matters launches four brand new Write the Word Journals today! First we have Write the Word Cultivate Worship, then Write the Word The Garden, next Write the Word Fruit of the Spirit, and finally Write the Word for Kids Fruit of the Spirit.

These journals are perfect for busy women who only have a few minutes or for the woman who wants to sit down and dwell. They are perfect for sitting at home with God or on the go while you wait in the doctors office or watch the kids play at the park.

The Write the Word Kids Journals are a wonderful additions to a homeschool curriculum or time with Jesus before heading off to school. The kids journals come with stickers and space to color. Your child will love getting into a regular time with Jesus using their very own journal!

Pick up your own Write the Word Journals today and begin to write out God's Word in your own handwriting! Just click one of the images!

The first 500 orders over $75 today will get free shipping and free Bible tabs! Click below!

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