Wednesday, September 4, 2019


It's launch day! Y'all! I am so excited for the Simplified Planner 2020 launch!

Emily Ley, Simplified, Simplified Planner

Simplified Planner is my absolute favorite planner. Let me tell you why:

This planner was built for life! The hard cover, the thick pages, it truly is meant to last. I have not been easy on my 2019 planner, yet it still looks brand new. I carry it everywhere with me, when I am at home it sits in my kitchen, it's been dropped and thrown, it has really had it, yet it has held up.

Thick pages! The pages of a Simplified Planner are made from Mohawk paper and are 70lbs. If you know anything about paper, you know that is amazing! I generally use gel pens and they never bleed through. I have, on occasion, used Sharpie pens and they don't even bleed through!

Prep work! The Simplified Planner begins with some incredible prep work. Emily Ley, the lovely creator of Simplified, walks you through setting up your year step by step. She walks you through routines, encourages you to create a bucket list, and much more.

Two editions to choose from! I have always loved looking at my entire week at a glance, so I always get a weekly planner. This year, I have decided to move to a daily planner. Emily has both! Simplified weekly planners are hard bound, like a book. Each month has a monthly view, then your week view. Simplified daily planners have a hard cover as well, however the binding is wire, which I love! Dailies have your monthly view then each day has its own page (with the exception of Saturday and Sunday sharing).

Note pages, stickers, and pockets! Both daily and weekly editions have note pages for jotting down important info, a staple grocery list, or whatever you might need. Both editions also have a pocket in the front for keeping important papers, receipts, or a picture of your family! Both editions also come with a page of stickers, perfect for adding a pop to your planning.

Options and matching accessories! Simplified planners come in 6 different cover options. This year there is the signature Happy Stripe, Navy Blooms, Garden Party, Blue Pinstripe, Pink Pineapple, and Mint Tile. They are all gorgeous! Plus, each cover has matching accessories like notebooks and page markers. And you can get other matching accessories. So go all out matchy matchy or mix and match your faves.

Teaching videos! When you purchase a Simplified Planner, you are also getting a coach! Each month you will get a teaching video in your email inbox from Emily. She will help you use your planner to the max.

As you can see, Simplified Planner is an amazing planner. It is well worth every single penny. You will love simplifying and organizing your life with Simplified Planner. The planners launch today at 10am EST. They go fast so be sure to order your planner today!

To order your Simplified Planner, just click the image below:

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