Tuesday, September 17, 2019


Have you ever struggled with a difficult relationship? Someone you were, or should have been, close to hurt you deeply. You hold on to this pain, or perhaps anger, as it eats away at your heart and robs you of joy. You hear that forgiveness is necessary and would even free you. But the thought of forgiving is inconceivable. You finally get to a moment when you think maybe, just maybe, it will all be okay then suddenly you feel slammed with more heartache.

Author Sarah Mae gets it. She's been there. She knows the pain, the anger, the confusion, the torment, the hopelessness. In her brand new book, The Complicated Heart, she shares personal stories of her relationship with her mom. Sarah is transparent as she tells of all she went through and all she overcame. As you read you will feel like you are sitting down having a deep and open conversation with a friend.

You will not only learn of Sarah's struggles, you’ll travel with her mom as well as you read her mom’s journal entries and letters. You’ll get a rare peek into that mind and heart the person who hurts us.

The Complicated Heart is a must read for anyone who has walked through the pain of a complicated relationship. To pick up your copy, click the banner below:

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