Wednesday, December 11, 2019


We are all so very different. I look at my four children, all from the same mom and dad, and see four very, very different beings. They all act completely different, they learn different, they like different things, they are all so unique. The same can be said for my brother, my sisters, and myself. Four of us all from the same mom and dad, yet oh so different.

While differences are so wonderful, sometimes it can be hard to find that place where we fit in. Especially for children. Often times kids follow other kids just trying to fit in.

In their brand new children's book, Only You Can Be You, mother and son team Sally and Nathan Clarkson help our kids understand that what makes them different makes them great. They also learn that "the Maker of everything made us that way."

This book is beautiful! The illustrations, done by Tim Warnes, are colorful and fun. The rhyming words are catchy. And the message is one our kids (and dare I say us adults) need.

If you are looking for a children's book, I highly recommend Only You Can Be You. To order, click the banner below.

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