Wednesday, January 22, 2020


2020 is my tenth year to choose a One Word. One word to focus on for the entire year. One word to grow in. I've had some pretty great words over the years and I am excited about this year's word. So, here it is!

My One Word for 2020 is less!
He must become greater
and I must become less.
John 3:30

Less me. I want to focus more on God and less on me. I want God to be at the very center of every part of my life. In order to do that, I must become less. To do this, I am going to spend more time in the Word and in prayer. I am also praying specifically for God to become greater in my life as I become less.

Less excuses. One thing I really wanted to do this year was get back into playing the piano. I played as a teenager but haven't played since I became a mom. I've just always had an excuse, too tired, too busy, house is too loud, forgot, blah, blah, blah. They are all nothing but excuses. I also tend to use the same excuses when I know I need to exercise. Too busy. Too tired. To do this, I am purposing to just do the things I know I need to do, no more excuses.

Less attitude. I have said many times that our families get the worst of us. They get the tired, wore out, busy, stressed us while we give the world the best us. I don't want to do that to my family. I don't want to have an attitude with my husband or kids. It's time for less attitude. To do this, I am first praying about it and second I am giving my husband permission to give me a gentle reminder when he feels my attitude is out of place.

Less social media. Ugh. I have a love hate relationship with social media. I love that I can be connected with family and friends all over the world. I love that I can keep up with everyone and let everyone know how we are. But, I am tired of all the drama of social media. I am tired of giving Facebook and Instagram more of my day that I give God. I want less social media in my life. To do this, I already removed all social media notifications from my phone and now I am keeping close track on how much time I spend on my phone through iPhone's screen time tracker.

Less stuff. I love simplicity. My husband likes to call me the throw away queen. If I haven't used in six months (other than season things like holiday decorations, etc), then I trash it. I just hate so much stuff. I think I could avoid the purging if I could avoid the buying. While I may be obsessed with office supplies, the truth is, I do not need any more pens, highlighters, or sticky notes! I am pretty well set for many years to come. To do this, I am purposing to buy less and continue to declutter my home.

What is your One Word, New Year's Resolution, or goal for 2020? Share in the comments! 

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