Tuesday, February 11, 2020

Word Lovers, You’re In Luck

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How many words does the English language have? 
It’s hard to tell because languages are living tools that keep evolving. It’s fair to say that your ancestors didn’t use the same words as you, even though they would have described similar feelings and experiences at times. It’s because languages change and grow with us, people, and the way we use them. Nowadays, American English contains plenty of foreign words, ranging from Spanish to German as a result of our diverse ancestry. Who knows how many new words the future generations will be using. And that’s completely fine! The reference source, when it comes to the English language, is the Oxford dictionary, and it contains no less than 171,476 words in current use, plus another 47,000 obsolete words. 
So, that’s a lot of words! But most of us don’t use more than 3,000 in everyday conversations. Is there any way you could train yourself to use more? 

Boost your vocab
The first and most common reason why people don’t use more words is that we never need to boost your vocabulary. We can navigate most tasks and duties using only a few thousand words, which means that we are at risk of forgetting some more colorful or formal ones. There is no way around it; if you want to remember words, you need to use them. However, unless you work in a career where you can talk a lot, the best way for you to use words will be to read them. Reading is by far the best vocabulary exercise you can do. More importantly, it’s a lot of fun, and it’s a great way of giving known words a new twist. 
Use your words as often as you can 
If you love games, you probably enjoy playing crosswords or scrabble. Turning words into a fun play can help you remember more complicated ones and grow your active vocabulary. If you’re struggling to come up with an answer, take a look at this scrabble word generator for inspiration. After all, it takes time for your brain to get used to the shape of words and their meanings! 
You can make your beloved words go a little further by writing to friends and relatives. While it’s true that most of us would prefer a phone call, taking the time to write a letter can be a positive experience, both for you and the recipient. Letters are memorable because they’re rare. For the person who receives it, it’s a touching present. For you, it’s the perfect support to use your words. 
Talk, talk, talk
Ah, conversations! It’s an art to be someone people love to talk to. But being open-minded and engaging with what your interlocutor says helps to drive the conversation further. The more you talk with others, the more alive the language is. A sharp tool is a tool you know and understand how to use. And that’s precisely why chatting to friends does: It helps you to sharpen your vocabulary and language skills. Not only does it make you a better communicator, but it also makes you a better friend. 
Words exist to be used, cherished, loved, and shared. They convey ideas, emotions, and stories, and learning to use them to your advantage is an important skill to develop. 

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